Conservative Businessman For Congress

It’s Time To Wreck The Left & Put America First Again

From sleeping on a dirt floor to building a multi-million-dollar small business, conservative entrepreneur and job creator, Matt Richards knows how to lead and succeed through hardship.

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Hear My Rags To Riches Story

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The Blueprint To Keep America Great


Wreck The Left's Socialist Agenda

Matt will take a sledgehammer to the Democrat’s radical attempts to confiscate our guns and offer abortions on-demand. He will crush the woke mob and cancel culture to defend our freedom of speech and preserve our history.


Matt Richards and a coalition of freedom-loving conservatives will rip up the left’s socialist plans for a radical takeover of our state and country.


Put America First

President Trump built the greatest economy the world has ever seen with record employment, unmatched growth, and undeniable economic opportunity from coast to coast.


As our Congressman, Matt will work from sun up to sun down to safeguard President Trump’s legacy and protect our economy from Biden, Pelosi, Abrams, and the left’s radical cancel culture.


Protect The Future

After we wreck the left’s radical agenda and champion policies that put America First, we must ensure that our future is safe, strong, and prosperous.


Public safety combined with economic security will protect our future and ensure that the American Dream – that made Matt’s “rags to riches” story possible – is here and attainable for generations to come.


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To wreck the radical left’s socialist agenda in Washington, we are going to need your help.

Join The Demo Crew to help us take on Biden, Pelosi, and Abrams. With your strong support, we can fight back and Make America Great Again.

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